GLSEN Rochester

This next posting is in
regards to GLSEN Rochester (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network of
Rochester); a group that I am affiliated with.

GLSEN is a
nationally known organization dedicted to stopping anti-gay bullying
and name calling through various educational trainings that bring about
awareness to teachers and students in middle schools, high schools, and
colleges nationwide. I am the youth coordinator for Rochester and work
with area Gay/Straight Alliances and various other activities thru
GLSEN to help promote awareness and fair treatment for all students
regardless of sexual identity, expression, or gender identity.


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Your Are Cordinally Invited...

Tired of that same old stuff laying around your house that you've been meaning to get rid of?
In need of some furniture or kitchen items for your new college apartment?
Want to help out an amazing organization in your area by donating old goods or even your own volunteering services?
Want to hang onto a summer tradition because you dread the fact that fall is drawing oh so near?

Then Have No Fear...THE BIG GAY GARAGE SALE....Is Here...

"Wait!...Where?" You ask...
"Well, I'll tell ya where my friend..."

Where: GAGV Youth Center, 875 E. Main Street (1st Floor, Entrance on Prince Street)

When: Sunday, September 18th, 9:00am - 5:00pm

Who: Anyone who wants to look into some neat, cool, cheap stuff...

Want To Sell Something Of Your Own???? Let Us Know...
We'd be more than happy to help you out!!!!

"Well then ...Who do I contact????"
"Well, we're by no means Big Gay Al, but you can contact the following people..."

Jessica: / Denise:
Young Adult Group Leaders of The GAGV

Click the following link to learn more about  GAGV Youth

I'm SUUUUPER...Thanks For Asking...
~ Big Gay Al ~ South Park

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libertarians, free-marketers, in Rochester?

Are there any libertarians, or people who are for libertarianism, or propertarianism, here? In Rochester? I just came back from the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and am really excited about talking with, and exchanging ideas with, fellow libertarians. I'm trying to start a sort of group meeting for Rochester-libertarians (I'd consider myself the most radical of that group, anarcho-capitalist or propertarian).

war resistance forum

“When Resistance is Right”

Saturday, June 4
4 p.m.
First Unitarian Church
(220 South Winton Road)
FREE and open to the public

A Panel on War Resistance

~ Victor Paredes, brother of Iraq War resister Pablo Paredes
~ David Cline, national pres., Veterans for Peace and coordinator, "Bring
Them Home Now"

Victor Paredes is the brother of Pablo Paredes, a Navy enlisted sailor
who refused to deploy with his Iraq-bound troop ship in December 2004
because of his opposition to the war. Victor has been touring the country
speaking for his brother, who recently faced court martial for his act of
resistance. In a major, unprecedented victory, the Navy judge refused to
send Pablo Paredes to jail, finding instead that:

“...any service member has reasonable cause to believe that the wars in
… Afghanistan and Iraq were illegal.”

David Cline served in Vietnam in 1967 as a rifleman with the 25th
Infantry Division. He was awarded three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, and
other medals. He is also disabled from the wounds he received. He was an
early member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and is currently a VVAW
national coordinator and president of Veterans For Peace. David is also
on the coordinating committee for "BringThem Home Now," a campaign of
military families, veterans, active duty personnel, reservists and others
opposed to the ongoing war in Iraq.

Come hear these two nationally prominent speakers.
Learn about war resistance and the need for our support.
And please help spread the word.
Event sponsored by:
~ Alliance for Democracy (Rochester Chapter),
~ Campus Antiwar Network (CAN),
~ Citizens for a United Earth,
~ Downtown United Presbyterian Church Justice Ministry,
~ Fellowship of Reconciliation - Rochester Chapter (FOR),
~ Friends Helping Friends,
~ Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace (GVCP),
~ Genesee Valley Peacemaking Ministry Team,
~ International Socialist Organization (ISO),
~ New Directions for Peace Task Force of the First Unitarian Church,
~ Peace Action & Education (PA&E),
~ Peace & Social Action Committee of Rochester's Friends Meeting
~ Rochester Against War (RAW), and
~ Rochester Committee on Latin America (ROCLA).

For more information, contact RAW at 585-442-3383
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LGBT Issues inside Rochester City Schools...

Hello Everyone:

I live in Buffalo, but grew up in Rochester and attended Rochester City Schools from 3rd until 12th grades.
I graduated from Wilson Magnet High School in 1997. Eight years ago, there was no mention of gay people in my high school whatsoever. It was assumed we were not there. I was very much closeted in high school, but when I got to college I became less so. When I found the same situation at Canisius, I started a gay-straight alliance there.

I have been in correspondence with a woman who works inside a city high school and has been experiencing harassment because of the GSA club she started there two years ago. I am sorry to hear that things have not improved (and may have even gotten worse) in the eight years since I’ve been a student in the RCSD.

Please, please please take a few moments to read her story, and to write letters to the D&C/City/Empty Closet regarding this issue… Thanks.

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jan 20th.

i'm going to be home visiting in january, so i won't be able to attend any rallies in my lovely, liberal city of portland, oregon. i'm wondering if there is anything planned for inauguration day in rochester?