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GLSEN Rochester

This next posting is in
regards to GLSEN Rochester (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network of
Rochester); a group that I am affiliated with.

GLSEN is a
nationally known organization dedicted to stopping anti-gay bullying
and name calling through various educational trainings that bring about
awareness to teachers and students in middle schools, high schools, and
colleges nationwide. I am the youth coordinator for Rochester and work
with area Gay/Straight Alliances and various other activities thru
GLSEN to help promote awareness and fair treatment for all students
regardless of sexual identity, expression, or gender identity.


GLSEN Rochester Update

What does GLSEN do?

If your school or organization is interested in making
schools safe for all students, consider the resources GLSEN Rochester has to
offer.  We offer programs that provide
teachers, administrators and students with the knowledge and age-appropriate
tools they need to successfully create a culture where all people are
respected, free to express themselves, and reach their fullest potential. 

To join
us, schedule a program for your school, organization or event or make a
tax-deductible donation, contact us at
(585) 244-1509 or

GLSEN Rochester
is the leading local organization dedicated to ending anti-gay bias and
harassment in our schools. We strive to assure that every member of every
school community is valued and respected, regardless of real or perceived
sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Program Goals for GLSEN Rochester

1.   1.   Continue
to assist local youth interested in starting Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) in
their schools.  We collaborate with the
GAGV Youth Group on activities such as a

      GSA's summit, a social activity and
local Day of Silence support.

2.      2.   Expand
local participation in No Name-Calling Week (NNCW) to raise awareness of the
effects of name calling and bullying on our youth.  We want to make sure all local

      school districts are aware of the resources available on NNCW.

3.   Expand
the number of training sessions on LGBT issues conducted with schools and community

4.   Expand
the number of presentations and Safe Space training to college-level teacher
education classes.

If you’re interested in helping with any of the above, know
someone with the skills we’re looking for, or would like to donate to the cause,
please get in touch with us at GLSENRochester@aol.comor
585-244-1509. We're looking for additional board members to contribute
new ideas and a fresh attitude to the overall objective of GLSEN
Rochester; especially youth and teachers or "teachers to be" while in

Feel that everyone deserves a fair chance regardless of how they identify or who they love?

Ever been affected by homophobia, personally, thru perception and stereotypes, or know of someone who gets harassed?

Want to be a leader today, for equal treament of all tomorrow, and help change attitudes toward anti-gay bias thru education?

Want to eradicate the hateful roots of homophobia that are caused by stereotypes and mis-preceived notions?

Then you've found the right group to work with!


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